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The Foundation is one of NPOs that support the Ministry of the Environment in cooperation with local governments, municipalities and other NPOs. The role of the Foundation is to assist various nature conservation activities in natural parks, such as,

Conservation and management of the natural environment
We implement thorough pickup of trash, carry out beautification activities to create an atmosphere that discourages littering, prevent erosion on mountain trails, restore devastated natural vegetation, eradicate invasive foreign plants such as Rudbeckia laciniata (cutleaf coneflower), and protect valuable fauna and flora through patrols.
Maintenance and management of facilities
We maintain and manage park facilities though various activities, such as cleaning public toilets, managing visitor center facilities, maintenance of paths and wooden pathways, repairing signs and benches, cutting grass in picnic areas, managing camp sites, controlling traffic and removing snow in parking lots.
Contact-with-nature activities and collection/provision of park information
We carry out nature interpretation and nature experience programs, distribute leaflets and self-guides introducing local nature, and provide real time information about fresh greenery, blooming flowers, and autumn leaf color, as well as information about mountain trail conditions, sightseeing spots, and road conditions.
Volunteer activities and community support
We provide support for volunteer activities, rescue services for mountain disaster victims, safety precautions for users, internships for university students, dispatching instructors to schools, and support for sightseeing activities in the region.