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Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park

Land area: 36,586 ha
Designated on 16 Mar, 1934

Photo: Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park

In Sakurajima, at the base of volcanoes which are always fuming, people work on a farm everyday. This is the park where nature and peoplefs lives are in harmony.

Sakurajima, Kinko Bay and Other Renowned Places in the Park

Map: Kirishima-Kinkowan

Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park is a park of mountains and sea which is located in the southern part of Kyushu. It is composed of the area centering on the Kirishima Volcanic Group, Sakurajima and its environs in Kagoshima Prefecture, the south end of the Osumihanto Peninsula.
Kinko Bay (Kagoshima Bay) is a deep gulf made by groove-shaped valley with two caldera; Aira at north district and Ata at entrance of the bay. Park areas can be separated; Sakurajima at north, sea shores at closed-off section of the bay, Ibusuki at south of Satsumahanto Peninsula, and Sata at the south tip of the Osumihanto Peninsula.

Kirishima Volcanic Group consists of 23 volcanoes including Mt. Karakunidake (1,700 m), its highest peak, and Mt. Takachihonomine (1,574 m). Many of them are conical with round craters at their tops and have the appearance of typical volcanoes. In the Ebinokogen Plateau at the foot of the mountains, gushing sulfurous steam can be seen, and the area abounds with hot springs. The plateau also has rich natural forests.

Sakurajima is a volcano which appears to rise straight up from the sea. It is one of the major active volcanoes in Japan that still erupts and sends up ash repeatedly today. Sakurajima used to be an island but the flow of lava from a massive eruption in the early 20th century dammed up the channel between the island and the Osumihanto Peninsula, and now, it is connected to the peninsula.
Mt. Kaimondake (924 m) at the south end of the Satsumahanto Peninsula is a volcano with a beautiful conical shape which appears to rise out of the sea. At the foot of the mountain, there are a caldera lake and Ibusuki, a famous spa resort.
Cape Satamisaki at the south tip of the Osumihanto Peninsula is a tourist spot which is well-known as it is the southernmost point on the Kyushu mainland.

The noteworthy vegetation in the area is the large communities of miyamakirishima (Rhododendron kiusianum), a kind of wild azalea, in the upper part of the Kirishima Volcanic Group and in the Ebinokogen Plateau. At Cape Satamisaki, some subtropical plants can be seen.

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Our Local Office at the Park:
(Ebino Area)
Ebino Eco-Museum Center, Suenaga 1495-5, Ebino-shi, Miyazaki
(Kirishima Area)
Takachiho-gawara Park Service Center, Taguchi, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima